Free Launch. Paid Nurture.

A website or web app is a means, not a goal. A means for an organization to reach a set of objectives. And those objectives will not be met on launch day. So instead of planning for a budget to launch, we should be planning for a budget to succeed. Lets make that a no-brainer: Free Launch. Paid Nurture.

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There ain't no such thing as a free…

Right. There ain't. Nurturing starts at €399 per month and we need you to stay with us for a year (and hopefully much longer). In other words, you will at least invest €4788 over the course of a year. This offer is about saving money. But it's even more about spending it wisely. It's about focussing the discussion on the weeks, months and quarters after launch. That's where the real costs are. That's where the real payoffs are.

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Bare Bones Project Brief.

In order to get started lets create snapshot of your organization, your primary audience and the project you have in mind. Once we have accepted your application, this document will be built out into a full fledged project brief.

Primary Audience