Only content will pull people in

People come to your website because it holds the promise of relevant content. They might stay longer or feel better because the design helps the content tell its story. They might browse further because the pages load blazingly fast. They might leave quickly because the design lacks or the pages take too long to load. But they came because of the promise of relevant content made by likes of Google and other curators, machine and men.

Thus content has the ability to pull people in and design and code only have the ability to reinforce the contents’ pull or to push people out, if badly executed. With this in mind, it makes a lot of sense to start any web project with the content and only start designing when the content has largely been written.

I’m saying nothing new here. This line of thinking has been promoted by people like Jeffrey Zeldman for years. But when you have to explain a content-driven method to a new client, it really helps to have a strong argument that he or she can relate to.

5 comments on “Only content will pull people in”

  1. Peter

    We use self written and useful content since years to generate traffic, links from our visitors and good conversions. Thats why i agree your sentence ”...People come to your website because it holds the promise of relevant content….”

  2. gweb

    For I create Vector And Posted To download for free Realty I have I lot of Returned Visitor I lot of people Start to love my blog. you must give people thank to return to your blog


    This is also my opinion. Only really good content will pull people in and let they suggest your site to other people. Thats the reason we build content for new projects month for month.

  4. qplayz

    Even for online shops good content is in my opinion a must have. Unique descriptions are important for search engines and also for the visitors.

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