Best regards from my email signature

from: receivers

to: senders

Dear senders,

Please don’t use your email signature to include the “best regards, -Name of sender” part. We’re sure you mean well but we think you go too far in your quest for micro-efficiency. And, what’s more, you pay a high price: authenticity.

Thing is, we receivers can see that your “best regards” are part of your signature. Thus, when we see “Have a nice day, Tom” as part of your email signature, we read “I don’t really care about you, Tom”. We would prefer a plain “Tom” in that case.

So do us a favor and keep your email signature for the factual information and spend those 10 seconds to really say “thank you”. We deserve it.

Best regards,

- The receivers.

5 comments on “Best regards from my email signature”

  1. Matt Henderson

    This seems a bit pedantic.

    I would expect most recipients don’t consciously read meaning into the valediction any more than they read meaning in the “Dear” part of the salutation. But they likely do notice if it’s missing or misspelled, which is the risk you run (especially if you’re somebody that emails a lot) excluding that from your signature.

  2. Thomas Maas

    Hi Matt,

    I just think that automated “best regards” send the wrong signal. People want to be treated as individuals.

    As for spelling, I run a spellchecker before I hit send.

    Maybe most people don’t care about these things, i do.

  3. Kevin

    Interesting suggestion, I’ll try it, thanks.

    I have mine default to ‘caio’ which I think is unique and therefore gives me character. I change it to ‘thank you’ if I really mean it.

    Another thought is that if you mostly are sending emails to different people, they won’t know its just your signature.

    Then again, I also include a quote-of-the-day, so I’m probably guilty of all sorts of spamlike inefficiency :)


    We answer all mails manually without modules and phrases like “Best Regards”. Every mail-contact is a potential customer and a individuum.

  5. Ben

    I write only “Regards” and nothing more. Regards Ben

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